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October 5, 2008

(A healthier) Cheese Cake ala Diana Novita


5 Egg yolks (from Organic eggs/ low cholesterol eggs)
3 Egg whites (from Organic eggs/ low cholesterol eggs)
½ cups sugar
½ tablespoon cake emulsifier (I used VX)
⅓ cups wheat flour (medium protein/all purposes flour)
20 ml low fat liquid milk
50 ml canola oil
Cheddar, grated, as necessary
Butter cream instant, as necessary
Raisins, as necessary


Beat sugar, egg yolks, egg whites, VX with high speed for about 10 minutes or until it well improved
Add wheat flour, stir it with spatula
Add low fat liquid milk, stir
Add canola oil, stir
Pour the batter into non-sticky cake pan, so you don’t need butter to cover it with
Place the pan in the the middle rack. Bake in 185°C for 40 minutes or until it is baked well, risen and firm. Take it out from the oven
Mean while, prepare the butter cream, whisk or mix it for about 20 minutes or until it doubles its volume
Cool the cake in a room temperature, and then unmold it
Cut into 10-14 slices
Beautify the cake with butter cream, grated cheddar, and raisins

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  1. sounds so yummy..
    but, what is different between cake emulsifier, baking powder, sp, tbm and ovalet?? confusing..and canola oil??
    can we use another oil??

  2. sp,tbm,ovalet,and vx are kind of cake emulsifier
    In bahasa Indonesia we said "pelembut kue". They are food additive, off course. We can leave or use it if w etry to minimalize food additive in our daily life. If we leave it, we have to add more eggs to get nice result.
    I used canola oil just for experiment..we can use olive oil as well. Actually people commonly use butter or margarine. But for sure..the result and the taste would be different.


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