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September 9, 2008

Tapai Ketan Pudding (Fermented Glutinous Rice Pudding)

It looks and tastes great. Sweet, salty, smooth..hmm yummy. It is suitable to accompany your dinner for delicious desert.



250 g tapai ketan (fermented black glutinous rice)
1 pack agar powder (white or no color)
150 g sugar
1 Liter fresh squeezed thin coconut milk
2 pieces pandan leaves
A pinch of salt
2 low cholesterol organic egg yolks, stirred


300 ml fresh squeezed thin coconut milk
75 g sugar
1 pandan leaf
½ teaspoon of salt
2 teaspoons of Maizena flour
1 teaspoon of vanillin powder



Combine coconut milk, white sugar, tapai ketan, pandan leaves, and agar powder in a pot
Boil in low heat. Stir well to avoid cracking of coconut milk
Turn off the fire and allow to cool
Pour egg yolks, slowly, stir the pudding, pour again bit by bit
Pour in the pudding mould, allow to cool, keep in the refrigerator
Serve with sauce.


Mix sugar, coconut milk, salt and pandanus leaves
Boil in low heat
Add maizena flour. Stir until become sticky
Remove from the heat. Then add vanillin powder in it

This recipe is adapted from Femina and Keluarga Nugraha, with modification on amount of egg yolks, sugar, and coconut milk.

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