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September 4, 2008

Potato Donut

Making this small cake, made of fried dough, with the shape of ring, wasn’t easy for me. It wasn’t succeeding suddenly. My first experiment ended with failure. My first dough-nuts were unacceptable even for my cats. Those dough-nuts were too tough to eat!

This dough-nut or donut used wheat flour as its main ingredient instead of a full of potato.

Here there are,


250 g wheat flour (high protein)
100 g peeled potatoes, steamed, mashed, cooled down
5.5 g yeast
a pinch of salt
40 g butter
50 g sugar
40 g egg yolk
50 ml liquid milk (low fat)

(Result: 12 medium size donuts)


Mix wheat flour with sugar, stirred. Use mixer in low speed
Add yeast, stirred. Use mixer in low speed
Add cold mashed potato, egg yolk, and milk. Kneaded the dough until the gluten well developed
Add butter and salt, kneaded the dough again, and rested the dough for 15 minutes
Make small dough balls, about 50 grams each balls, rested those balls idle for 20 minutes
Make a whole in the middle of dough ball. You can use your finger or chopstick
Deep fried those dough balls


Never combine yeast with salt and butter directly, because salt or butter could damage the yeast cells and your dough won’t ferment. Make sure your dough mixed well with yeast before adding salt.

Make sure your mashed potato is cool down enough. If you put it together warm mashed potatoes with yeast, it also could damage the yeast and the dough will not able to rise too.

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  1. Favoritku juga Diana. Baking donat hampir tiap minggu.... wah, jadi ngiler lagi, mo bikin juga ah besok.


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