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November 4, 2008

I do apologize to the readers

I brought to you unpleasant conversation in this blog yesterday. I am sorry for doing that thing and bother you all. I feel really unwell.

That's true I left a comment in someone's (that anonymous guy) when I found my articles (Soto Kudus) in his/her blog. The way that man put my article (I saw only that Soto Kudus but later that man said there are two articles) was very irritating. I saw all the contents are someone else's articles. I guessed that he/she did it only for adsense. That man got those articles from Ezine and submitted that blog for Google adsense. That man said that he/she learned it from a book. LOL. A friend of mine said, that’s might be a book whose author just copied without regards to peoples who had the articles. I’ve found later that the book finally blocked by publisher. Yes, maybe that 'inspiring' book.

I submitted my articles in Ezine free articles not for people using like that, not for very unpleasant commercial only. I want to speak out about Indonesian Food and of course I want to get some back-links from others. That's free articles of course, but the way that man monetized that blog in such an easy way without any regards for other people's stuff (not only at me) very disappointed me.

I know (that man always note to me about this) there are many people in Indonesia do that. I do really know that. And I feel sick about it. I think they never think deeper than human can do. Just follow and follow without thinking the consequences for their surrounding, other peoples, their country, and their world they living. They just think how to get money in an easy way and fast forward. That was very makes me sad, when I knew that man is an Indonesian too.

I emailed Ezine about this. And Ezine said that the man apparently gives no credit for me and for others. They said I can contact Google for this case. But that's all up to me. My friends said so.

I choose to contact that man instead of send a report to Google (how could that man say I don't have an empathy, that's so ridiculous). Unfortunately, that man hides the profile and no such a contact address I could find. Why?? I felt that hiding profile is one of bad manner, irresponsibility. So that, I left (what that man called disrespectful comment). I am East Javanese, who always speak right to the point. I am sorry if what I'm thinking was straight words is not polite one for others. I keep wait for the responses but never coming to my email/ messenger. But yesterday, He left such a long self defenses and still keeps hiding the profile. If that man did nothing wrong why keep hiding the profile, even refuse to contact me personally? That was the bad story goes and ends (for me).

I try to be patient, that man the same as I am..Indonesian. I just want that man to be a little bit aware about the consequences. Instantly, what he done is breaking someone's spirit to write, giving an example that 'if there's an easy way why we have to choose the hard way' (what that man said, so Indonesian). Search engine will be full of junk if everybody do what that man do. I think, that man have not realized the consequences yet.

Now I think, my friend’s suggestions are right.

There is such a long journey to make people in Indonesia realized, money is not GOD. There are so many things have to be respected beside of money. I have no power to change what people’s thinking here.

I am sorry to bother you all with this kind of unpleasant things. Sorry, Guys..


  1. yuhuu.. vita. long time not checking u'r post, that i found this interesting part beside your yummy recipe *^^*.

    I think it's rather common today when someone took part (or maybe whole?) of your post and paste it on his/her blog and consider it to be his /her own post (creation).
    Some people don't know (and some don't care) about other's copyright (privacy).

    My point is..
    YEs, I agree with you that a man should take a responsibility, not being a coward and left behind a thing he/she had done. You should discuss it each other (with this anonymous guy)gently and respectably and didn't discuss in your blog (^^)

    for an anonymous ..
    for a newbie, yes it's quite difficult to make a new post so some people only copy n paste other's blog. I, also a newbie, but I learned that if we did that, we won't be a good blogger.NEVER

    we only could be a good copy-er. that's all. and anybody can be a copy-er..
    so if we really wanna be a good blogger,we should respect other's creation, coz' that's the rule. we should feel ashame for ourself if we didn't do this. we could put a link to other's blog homepage (it's absolutely easy) and that's a credit for a blogger to make that kind of link, or maybe you could give information to your readers where you got your (copy)post.

    If we did this, we respect other, also it means that you respect yourself.

    if you said unintendly didn't do that, you should make an apologize~ at least tell the blog owner (from where you copy a post) and send him/her an email of apologize, tell them how sorry you are.. (again, it's 100% super easy)

    for vita~
    Dear, you know how life is.
    that sometimes we should surrender to the fact that life isn't fair. even there is a clear rule that doing plagiarism is wrong, some people still will do that. I'll bet you that :P

    I agree with you..
    it's really infuriating when u knew that someone copy-paste your post.But, on the other side, it means something..
    u know.. it means u'r blog is good, u'r blog is yummy..

    so dear, don't sweat the small stuff.. don't let that "garbage thing" taking over your concentration, taking over your energy coz it always be there, there will be always a plagiator~
    keep u'r energy to make a great post, would u?

    I'll give u a quote~
    there are 2 rules for living in harmony.1) don't sweat the small stuff,2) it's all small stuff.

    Vita .. 화이팅!!!!

  2. thanks for dropping by and leave your nice comment here, I really appreciate it.

    Yes, you are exactly right. That's only a small stuff. I prefer to discuss via email or maybe messenger, but that man don't think so. I try to be patient then, and rubbish my beautiful blog like this..:D
    Thank you, I really need to be encouraged to keep writing.


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