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April 8, 2009

Fun Gifts for Food Lovers

Hi Guys, we have a guest writer here, Jon D, and expert at
He gives us clues to decide what gift we are able to choose for our friends or relatives.
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Some people are easier to shop for than others. Luckily if the person you are shopping for happens to have a passion for food and drink, then you have a wide variety of fun options to choose from. Items like kitchen appliances, dinnerware, and cookware are somewhat impersonal gifts. Kitchen gadgets on the other hand are an ever popular gift choice for foodies because they are fun, useful, and relatively affordable. The key is to find a gift that is fun and practical, but also appeals to the person’s particular kitchen passions.

Anyone who is a fan of cooking with fresh ingredients would love to have their own indoor herb or veggie garden. The Aero Garden hydroponic growing system allows people to grow their own fresh herbs without all the hassle and dirty work of working with garden soil. You can even buy special seed pods to grow your own Italian herbs, lettuce, and salsa veggies. People that enjoy gardening can grow herbs year round in the comfort of their own home, which makes this a great gift for foodies who also have a green thumb.

Unique bottle, can, and wine openers also make excellent gifts as people are always looking for easier ways to open their favorite beverages. Modern openers and cork screws have options like pressurized handles that help take the pain out of uncorking a bottle or removing a bottle cap. These types of openers are especially helpful for elderly persons who may have trouble opening bottles by themselves.

Small kitchen gadgets like fruit slicers, cheese cutters, and pizza cutters can also make for a unique gift idea. Most kitchens are already stocked with traditional staples like pots, pans, and knives, but there is always room for more helpful gadgets. Lots of brands have unique takes on items like pizza cutters and cheese cutters and these tools can be a great way to add a little character to san otherwise traditional kitchen.

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